Dog & Cat Grooming

We offer grooming services for cats and dogs within our clinic.


Dog grooming

Julie is our dog groomer and is available at our clinic 6 days a week. Julie uses a naturopathic shampoo and her grooming service includes a hair cut, shampoo bath, expression of anal glands, ear hair removal, nail trim and comb out. Upon request, any medical problems will be looked at or overdue vaccinations given. To make an appointment with Julie, please contact her directly on 021 280 9280.

Testimonial: "I just wanted to express how pleased I was with the results of my dog Samson's grooming yesterday. I have taken him to several other places and he has never been cut so well and has never looked so clean and beautiful. Please pass on my gratefulness and thanks to your wonderful dog groomer." Regards Kylie

Cat grooming

Some medium to long haired cat's coats, especially persian and chinchillas, become matted or knotted and are difficult to groom at home. We offer a sedate and groom service involving a combination of comb through/shave where necessary. Your cat will need to stay with us for the day and be examined by a vet prior to sedation. A nurse will fully discuss grooming requirements/recommendations prior to admission. To book your cat in for a grooming service, please call 410 5169.